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VUDU is not available in the UK

Daniel Harper 5 years ago • updated by Moreflicks Help 5 years ago 0

Might be worth tweaking the search facility based on your region? I got excited when I searched for ARGO, only to find it's on "VUDU" which according to their FAQ is strictly limited to US customers only. 

Moreflicks Help 5 years ago

Hi Daniel - thanks for stopping by :) 

You can un-tick the providers that don't apply to you. This way you can search what is available to you :) 


need a broken link report

Rene Skou 5 years ago 0

like fx "they live" dones not stream on netflix.


Cannot narrow search to USA only.

Spencer Jenkins 4 years ago 0
I just want to be able to use this site so search American Netflix... But when I try, absolutely no movies or TV shows come up. I'm pretty sure the US Netflix library is not empty.

American Hustle

Stephanie Marie Napier 2 years ago 0
Can you add American Hustle to your list of films please

Brazil has The Wolf of Wallstreet and The Butler for streaming.

Mahoney124 4 years ago 0
Check them out! 

Missing Oscar winners

Mark Holoubek 5 years ago 0

Thanks for compiling Oscar winners. However, there are two significant holes. Your list has none of the shorts which have won (iTunes carries a lot of them). You also neglected any Foreign Language film winners!


to the Administrators of this site, I have a movie update for MoreFlicks:

Nando 3 years ago 0
I just wanted to mention to the Administrators / Editors of this site that the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is STREAMING on NETFLIX in these countries/regions: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Barbados, and Brazil. You can check if you like, but Forgetting Sarah Marshall is listed on Netflix to stream, and MoreFlicks does not have that movie listed on this website for Netflix. It only has it listed it for Vudu. I have only checked those locations, the movie is probably listed in other more locations as well. Please update this on MoreFlicks. Thank You!