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Keeping up to date

Allison Carolan 3 years ago 0

Are you not keeping up to date any more? There's been a few times now where you're information is wrong. Most recently, What to Expect When You're Expecting, is NOT available on Netflix Canada.


Unblockus no longer works!

Michael 3 years ago 0

http://www.moreflicks.com/unblock-us-offer. Would be of interest, IF it worked. But it doesn't. I'm already a subscriber. Here's what they just wrote back to me when I said I can't see US Netflix on my TV: " our fix currently works via PC and MAC browsers only."


The Dutch flag is wrong on the website

talie.mcalpine 3 years ago updated by Ruben Sissing 3 years ago 1

The Dutch flag is red, white, blue. Not blue, white and red


Dance Academy is no longer on Netflix Canada.

allicarolan 3 years ago 0

Stop saying it is!



Troy Day 4 years ago 0

Hey guys,

Your site is the best ever, without it I would be lost. Just wondering why suits isn't showing up when i search for it through your search?



Did Moreflicks become useless? with the new UI I can't see how to find out which countries a show is available within netflix

Greg Veres 4 years ago updated by jlamo 4 years ago 4

where did the country list for netflix go? I can't find it with the new UI update. That's why I come to moreflicks. Without that I will go to fimefy.


Mobile version of site doesn't say where I can watch the Title I searched for

Jessica Hillen 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 0

The mobile version of your site does not tell me where I can watch or what region. If it does, it is not easily visible as I have been repeatedly looking and still cannot see where I can watch the Movie I searched for... I am using an iphone on Safari


I cant find the countries option

Youtube User 4 years ago 0

Love the layout but I cannot find the countries option anymore. Doesn't that defeat the key purpose of this site!? At Least please explain how to use the site. Its kind of confusing.