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Adding to this, it would be very helpful if the user can see how many seasons of a TV series are available for each provider/region combination. Eg "Luther" has 3 seasons on most Netflix regions but only 2 in Netflix US.

This could be shown in the listbox for each provider on the page for the TV series, eg for Netflix (I don't know whether this information is accurate, just an example):

Brazil: S01-02

Canada: S01-02

Denmark: S01-03

Finland: S01-03

Ireland: S01-03

Mexico: S01-02

Norway: S01-03

Sweden: S01-03

UK: S01-03

USA: S01-02

For partial seasons this could be (only show episode numbers if partial season):

Brazil: S01

Canada: S01 E18-22

Denmark: S01 E01-10

Finland: S01, S02 E01-10

Ireland: S02 E01-10

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