Thrillers are inaccurate

mallorielg 11 років тому оновлено Moreflicks Help 11 років тому 3

Neither Silence of the Lambs nor Seven are actually streaming on netflix although your site said they both were and I got super excited :(


Sorry about that, we're just looking into it for you and will let you know as soon as we get any news. 

Both epic films so I understand your disappointment. 

Will be in touch soon.

Make sure that your filters are set properly (netflix only and set only for your country). Currently, Seven is streaming in Brazil, Mexico and the four Nordic countries.Silence of the Lambs is available in the four Nordic countries. Which is exactly the way it's listed on this site.


I've double checked and the films are working through all the regions mentioned so if you make sure your filters are set to your country you should be fine.

Any further issues do let us know though. Hope that helps.