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Hi Frank, 

You are correct the Anime section is wrong - but we're using data available to us. It's one of the things that we're working on cleaning up :) 

Hi Alec, 

This is something we're working on :) Shouldn't be long now! 

Thanks for this :D I've passed it onto our dev team, a minor bug no doubt for to us to iron out :) 

Hey Tim, 

Thankyou! I'm glad we've filled a gap in your life - please tell your friends :D 

Sadly the terms and conditions of each one of the sites that we link to prevent us from doing this not only this but it's just not possible from an API point of view. 

Hey Mark! 

It is indeed possible - I'm not sure how it rates on the scale of difficulty though ;) I'll suggest it today in our team meeting and see what the guys say. 

Thanks so much for coming here and leaving your feedback - it really is appreciated :) 

Hey Derek, I feel your frustration! 

We're always looking at ways of eliminating frustrating issues - but your issue is easily solved - just click the blue dot by the Netflix tick - and the regions will appear :) Sounds a bit too simple huh? 

If you have any ideas of how you'd like this to be more obvious please let me know - we really do appreciate it :) 

Hey Doug - thanks for taking the time to come and leave your feedback - really does mean a lot to us! 

The good news is that this is something we're already looking at :) Hopefully I'll have an update for you soon! 

Hello there Patrick, I understand your frustration - but there is nothing to be fixed. As you can see by this screenshot, you only need to select your region. 

Hope this helps put an end to your frustration :) 

It will be here very very very soon :) 

That would be pretty cool wouldn't it? 

How would you like us to do this? A simple Spanish movies list perhaps? 

Really looking forward to hearing your suggestion - thanks for taking the time to come here and leave your feedback :)