A website that allows you to search Hulu & Netflix to find what you want to watch, now. 


Ome Willem 11 лет назад обновлен Moreflicks Help 9 лет назад 2
Netherlands has been added to the countries that can watch Netflix today. Please add Netherlands to the list of countries on MoreFlicks as well. Thank you! :-)


Is the website dead? No staff activity here or social networks since May...

Borja Domínguez 11 лет назад обновлен Ome Willem 10 лет назад 1

Since May there is no activity on Facebook or Twitter account.

There are multiple threads here that are not answered, other ideas that were answered are still there without being done...

Can you give us something?


Would it be possible to add epixhd.com to the site?

TEDS 11 лет назад 0

Would it be possible to add epixhd.com to the site?

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Add Amazon and Redbox Listings

Frank Kelch 12 лет назад обновлен XRATS Films 10 лет назад 2

It might be time to add content from Amazon Instant-  I don't have it, but some people do, and most of us would like to compare their content to Netflix's content. You might want to add Redbox Instant Streaming as well. 

Admittedly, I don't know how effort it would take.

Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад

Amazon VOD is coming, we'll be investigating if Redbox will have an API that we can use. 

Thanks for this suggestion, if you have any more ideas then please let us know! 


Add Instant Queue/Watch list functionality.

jarosh barksdale 12 лет назад обновлен github 8 лет назад 5

Since some of us have access to all the different Netflix countries and Hulu (and since you're also planning support for other services), it would be great if we could have a sort of global watch list on moreflicks. Of course this would require user accounts.

Moreflicks Help 12 лет назад

Thankyou for sharing your idea - I agree it's something we need to look at implementing!

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Is it possible to know what subtitles are available for each movie (english, french, spanish...)?

Florent Houdart 12 лет назад обновлен Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад 3
Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад

Update: We're still looking at if this is possible - we haven't forgotten about you :) 

There's only a limited amount of information that we can pull from the Netflix API, we're looking into if indeed it's possible. Awesome idea though.


The Netflix search is not working

. 10 лет назад обновлен Daniel Mancuso 10 лет назад 3
I'm searching these titles and almost none of them are appearing but then I go on other countries' Netflix and they're on there. But not on moreflicks.com. And it's a lot harder to look through each country's Netflix than to look on moreflicks so please fix this ASAP.
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Filter by popularity/release date

Cody James 11 лет назад обновлен Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад 3

I love your site but we really need a way to narrow down lists so we can discover movies we'd like to watch for example having more than one filter. For example two filters could be only movies made in the year 2000 or newer AND only showing movies with at least an 8/10 rating. Hope this makes sense :)

Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад

We're working on more filters. If you have any further ideas then I'll be pleased to present them at our next team meeting. 


New website design: can no longer search multiple countries! Boo!

Chris 9 лет назад 0

The old design was great - I could search for a specific movie and see which country it was available in by clicking the Netflix logo. This feature was useful for people using VPN for geospoofing. Example:

1) I wonder if Jaws is on Netflix...

2) Go to moreflicks.com, search all countries for the movie Jaws

3) Hey, it's available in Germany!

4) Switch VPN to Germany, queue up Jaws in Netflix

5) You're gonna need a bigger boat.

This feature was a differentiator, I am disappointed that it has been removed.


Australian Netflix

Michael Pearce 9 лет назад обновлен Moreflicks Help 9 лет назад 3
Netflix has now launched in Australia. Would it be possible to get the content integrated into Moreflicks?

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