The Netflix search is not working

. 10 лет назад обновлен Daniel Mancuso 10 лет назад 3
I'm searching these titles and almost none of them are appearing but then I go on other countries' Netflix and they're on there. But not on moreflicks.com. And it's a lot harder to look through each country's Netflix than to look on moreflicks so please fix this ASAP.
I am having the same issue. «Side Effects» is an example of a movie that is available on Netflix US, but doesn't appear so at Moreflicks.
I was looking for movies I ve easily located before and there's obviously something wrong with it. I search THE OFFICE and i get its only available in Netflix Colombia. This page is like none other. I wish it was better kept. With a day by day monitor. 
For me when i search nothing from the usa is coming up.

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