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Serious problems with Hulu Criterion films...

Mark Holoubek 11 ár síðan 0

And this isn't a language issue...just randomly found three films on Hulu, not showing up on Moreflicks:

Cousin, Cousine

Murmur of the Heart

Dodes'ka-Den (though admittedly, that's oddly spelled)

I have also noticed frequently that adding a "The" (or omitting one) often breaks the search as well...time to work on those algorithms!!


New movie in Argentina

Jess Moto 10 ár síðan 0
The movie Lone Survivor (2013) has been added to Argentina on Netflix, but its not showing on Moreflicks that it is available at all. I thought maybe you guys would like to know so that you could add it to your movies so that others can know it is available!! :D :) That is all!

Hide links from unchecked providers

Shaun Dreclin 8 ár síðan 0

When I uncheck iTunes or other providers, could you also hide the itunes links from below the movies? Removes unneeded clutter~


Add Nowtv.com! :)

Cassian Lodge 10 ár síðan 0
See subject.

Life is Beautiful

Julian 10 ár síðan 0
Wrong IMDB rating -> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118799/

Add filter to remove animations

Teo T. 9 ár síðan 0
When I click "Most popular" 6 of top 10 results are animations. I'm not interested in animations at all. I want to exclude all kids movies and all animations and anime from search results. Please add a filter to do that.

Can't Disable iTunes

Jason Gross 10 ár síðan 0
I uncheck it in the header menu, but it still shows me iTunes results in the search results.

Filter already watched

Teo T. 9 ár síðan 0
I don't want to see things I have already watched in search results. In search results I want to hover over the thumbnail and click a button that says "watched". That should remove the item from search results and in its place display a link that says "undo" for 10 seconds and add the item to my "Already watched" list. I should be able to remove items from this list.

Search by Director would be amazing

Nathen Tandy 12 ár síðan updated by Moreflicks Help 12 ár síðan 0

Search by Director would be amazing

Moreflicks Help 12 ár síðan

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