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Kieran Wynne 11 years ago updated by Moreflicks Help 11 years ago 3

adding lovefilm instants would be ace

Moreflicks Help 11 years ago

We'll investigate if this can be done as it may not due to limitations with the API. I'll present this to the team at our next meeting. 


Choose specific Netflix region for different seasons of TV shows.

FBear 10 years ago updated by John Sherrit 9 years ago 1
Loving this site. Thanks.
Would love to be able to see which Netflix region a specific season of a TV show is on. For example, Grimm shows up in different regions but I had to go back and forth in the Netflix regions before finding the season I wanted to watch.
Could you, perhaps, restrict the region locator so that when you choose a specific season, only the region that has that season shows up when you click on the Netflix logo?


NETFLIX. Spesific country seasons

Tom Kenneth Hauge 11 years ago updated by Teo T. 9 years ago 1
It would be nice to check what country has spesific seasons. So for example if i am looking at season 2 of a series in my country and that is the last season in my country, it would be nice to know what country shows season 3.

Could you make it possible to see how many seasons are available in each region for tv shows on netflix?

Jeff Lagios 9 years ago updated by Teo T. 9 years ago 2
I'd live to be able to find which region has the most seasons of a show.thanks! 

You need an iPad app!

Kate 12 years ago updated by Simon Borg 9 years ago 4

You need an ipad app! Please make it happen

Moreflicks Help 12 years ago

Thankyou so much for your idea, it is something that we're looking at. We appreciate that a large proportion of Netflix users only watch on their ipad/iphone/mobile device - so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to use our search via these means. 


Suggestion: Favourites feature

Arch Stanton 12 years ago updated by Moreflicks Help 11 years ago 1

Love the site, massively useful. 

The best thing you could add would be the ability to save a favourites or "I intend to watch" section. For some reason Netflix doesn't have one and it's the biggest omission. There is so much stuff on there I want to watch it's hard to remember what you've seen when browsing.

Obviously it would require your site to have user profiles but it would be well worth it.

Moreflicks Help 12 years ago

Hello Arch - thankyou for your comment! 

Sadly the Netflix "queue" feature is only available in the US and to *some* Canadian subscribers. We're working out how we can implement our own queuing system, as it would be very handy indeed!


pull watchlist from imdb amd show where the films are available

Glaucus 10 years ago 0
Be great if you could link IMDB account and then show where each of the films in your watchlist are available.

Great service! Could you also add Amazon Prime please?

Nat Ramnan 10 years ago updated by Glaucus 10 years ago 1

You ruined something

Tim Austin 9 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

at some point in the last couple of days you've stopped showing which countries have the Netflix availability for different titles