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to the Administrators of this site, I have a movie update for MoreFlicks:

Nando 9 years ago 0
I just wanted to mention to the Administrators / Editors of this site that the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is STREAMING on NETFLIX in these countries/regions: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Barbados, and Brazil. You can check if you like, but Forgetting Sarah Marshall is listed on Netflix to stream, and MoreFlicks does not have that movie listed on this website for Netflix. It only has it listed it for Vudu. I have only checked those locations, the movie is probably listed in other more locations as well. Please update this on MoreFlicks. Thank You!
Under review

movie descriptions to show

Doug shepherd 11 years ago updated by Moreflicks Help 11 years ago 0

When you hover over a movie, it takes just a little bit too long for the descriptions to show. Would be nice if this was much more snappy.

Love the site btw :)

Moreflicks Help 11 years ago

Hey Doug - thanks for taking the time to come and leave your feedback - really does mean a lot to us! 

The good news is that this is something we're already looking at :) Hopefully I'll have an update for you soon! 


Me thinks Moreflicks is 'NoMoreFlicks' -

Antoinette Dakota 9 years ago 0
Me thinks Moreflicks is NoMoreFlicks - seems out of date lately. Shame. I use it a lot, however it is often inaccurate.

US Netflix Movies are not listed

Daniel Manser 10 years ago 0

I have no way of selecting only Netflix.

Dale Spiteri 8 years ago 0

It makes me deselect each additional service and wait for it to load the results between every deselection. Not a good UI


Belgium split in 2

Vincent Panel 9 years ago 0
Netflix list is different in Belgium whether you choose french or dutch ( the 2 language communities here). So there is no such thing as a "belgium" netflix and the list on moreflicks displays several titles not available here (I'm on the french side)

No idea what regions you support!

Andy Baker 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 1
50/50 chance you're US only but no clue whatsoever on the home page whether that is the case or not

What is going to happen to Netflix support

Bugmenot 10 years ago 0
With the Netflix API being "retired" what will happen to Netflix support? Will you folks have an exception?

(Great service btw!)