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movie descriptions to show

Doug shepherd 5 years ago • updated by Moreflicks Help 5 years ago 0

When you hover over a movie, it takes just a little bit too long for the descriptions to show. Would be nice if this was much more snappy.

Love the site btw :)

Moreflicks Help 5 years ago

Hey Doug - thanks for taking the time to come and leave your feedback - really does mean a lot to us! 

The good news is that this is something we're already looking at :) Hopefully I'll have an update for you soon! 


Me thinks Moreflicks is 'NoMoreFlicks' -

Antoinette Dakota 3 years ago 0
Me thinks Moreflicks is NoMoreFlicks - seems out of date lately. Shame. I use it a lot, however it is often inaccurate.

US Netflix Movies are not listed

Daniel Manser 3 years ago 0

I have no way of selecting only Netflix.

Dale Spiteri 2 years ago 0

It makes me deselect each additional service and wait for it to load the results between every deselection. Not a good UI


Belgium split in 2

Vincent Panel 3 years ago 0
Netflix list is different in Belgium whether you choose french or dutch ( the 2 language communities here). So there is no such thing as a "belgium" netflix and the list on moreflicks displays several titles not available here (I'm on the french side)

No idea what regions you support!

Andy Baker 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 1
50/50 chance you're US only but no clue whatsoever on the home page whether that is the case or not

What is going to happen to Netflix support

Bugmenot 4 years ago 0
With the Netflix API being "retired" what will happen to Netflix support? Will you folks have an exception?

(Great service btw!)

Please add support for Viaplay

Robert Herber 3 years ago 0
See viaplay.se, viaplay.no, viaplay.dk