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Under review

More filtering options... and 'animation' genre?

tony johnson 11 years ago updated by Moreflicks Help 11 years ago 0

Would be great to have more filtering options. Such as year, ratings etc... 

Also is there a possibility to view add a genre such as 'animation' rather than the existing 'anime'. Would like to easily find pixar/miyazaki etc that do not fit this catagory.

great work already though!

Moreflicks Help 11 years ago

UPDATE: We now have filters - so you can search by year. As for the cetegory - we're working on it :) 

We'll need to look at the API to see if this can be done. We'll raise it at our next team meeting. 


Amazon Prime Video

Simpsons Fan 9 years ago 0
Can you add Amazon Prime to the list. I love your site but I hate that I have to go look someplace else for Amazon Prime videos. Thanks

Allow me to create my own movie list

Alwin Garside 10 years ago 0
I would love to be able to create my own list of movies and then quickly be able to look up where I can watch what.

Please add Shomi and Crave TV, the two new Canadian streaming sites

Ken Jackson 9 years ago updated by wildabyss 9 years ago 1

Possible to add Stan.com.au? New Australian netflix competitor.

David Heseltine 9 years ago 0
Would it be possible to have Stan added as one of the search options? It is a new Australian competitor to netflix and has a large amount of content. 

Separate search for movies and TV

Michael Austin 9 years ago 0

why did you combine movies and TV?! It was much better with them separated


Any plans to support Google Play?

Ingo Hoffmann 10 years ago 0
Under review

Expiring soon?

Mark Holoubek 11 years ago updated by Moreflicks Help 11 years ago 1

Great site; as an unblock-us subscriber, nice to have a Netflix aggregator.

Any way of including expiries for movies, at least of the one-week variety which Netflix itself reveals on its site? One service which would even be saleable I'd think would be a warning system where subscribers get notified when a movie or show on one of the libraries is expiring soon...

Keep up good work!

Moreflicks Help 11 years ago

Hello and welcome! 

That is such a good idea! I will pass it onto our team at our next meeting. IF you have any further ideas - please let us know! 


Netflix Germany

Phillip James White 10 years ago 0
Hey Guys, Netflix Germany have thier site up and going today. Would be nice to see it on here

Free form search and order tools

EddieY 10 years ago 0
Would love to see a free-form search tool, where we can specify various criteria and have on-demand sorting by any of the criteria. What I am describing is similar to "big-data" type tool where you can ask questions about your data on the fly...

So for example, drag and drop a few fields.  Provider, country, genre, yr.   Pick and choose criteria, and then choose ways to sort based on a particular field.  This way a user can customize their search criteria on demand vs only the ones you provide.   Later take the most "popular" search criteria configurations and make those a one-click type search for all users (kind of like a search tag cloud).