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dusk till dawn on almost all Europe Netflix

Desdemona Van Tent vor 10 Jahren 0
Yet it is not here

VUDU is not available in the UK

Daniel Harper vor 11 Jahren aktualisiert von Moreflicks Help vor 11 Jahren 0

Might be worth tweaking the search facility based on your region? I got excited when I searched for ARGO, only to find it's on "VUDU" which according to their FAQ is strictly limited to US customers only. 

Moreflicks Help vor 11 Jahren

Hi Daniel - thanks for stopping by :) 

You can un-tick the providers that don't apply to you. This way you can search what is available to you :) 


Please can you index Hoopla content too?

Iain Woolf vor 9 Jahren 0

need a broken link report

Rene Skou vor 11 Jahren 0

like fx "they live" dones not stream on netflix.


Cannot narrow search to USA only.

Spencer Jenkins vor 10 Jahren 0
I just want to be able to use this site so search American Netflix... But when I try, absolutely no movies or TV shows come up. I'm pretty sure the US Netflix library is not empty.

American Hustle

Stephanie Marie Napier vor 9 Jahren 0
Can you add American Hustle to your list of films please

Brazil has The Wolf of Wallstreet and The Butler for streaming.

Mahoney124 vor 10 Jahren 0
Check them out! 

Missing Oscar winners

Mark Holoubek vor 11 Jahren 0

Thanks for compiling Oscar winners. However, there are two significant holes. Your list has none of the shorts which have won (iTunes carries a lot of them). You also neglected any Foreign Language film winners!