A website that allows you to search Hulu & Netflix to find what you want to watch, now. 

categories section

kimbo 12 лет назад обновлен Moreflicks Help 12 лет назад 0

you need a catagories section for each genre of films

Moreflicks Help 12 лет назад

EDIT: Your wish is our command! Go and check it out - tell us what you think.  http://www.moreflicks.com

Yes, categories - awesome idea. We need to look at how we integrate it into the software we've written, but it most certainly is something on the "to-do list"!


mobile site

Joshua Sands 11 лет назад обновлен Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад 1

Hi. Can I suggest that you make a mobile site or app for moreflicks.com?

One for iPhone/iPad?


Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад

We're working on it :) 

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Indicator to distinguish what subset of episodes/seasons are available for in a series for the various sites.

Amelia Jennings 11 лет назад обновлен Jeff Lagios 9 лет назад 4

Some seasons and episodes are only available for certain sites, but they are displayed for multiple due to any seasons being available. For example, Arrow only has the last 4 or 5 episodes on Hulu available, but is fully available on Vudu.  In your site's UI, there is nothing that distinguishes those first many episodes as Vudu only.   I noticed similar results with seasons displaying for Netflix and Vudu, that really were only available for Vudu.

If there was some sort of indicator that episodes or seasons were only available on a subset of the sites that the series is available at, that would be immensely helpful.


Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад

Hello Amelia

Firstly thank you for taking the time to post here - it really is appreciated. 

I like the idea, I'm just not sure how we'd do it. 

Have you got any ideas of what sort of indicator you'd like to see? 

I can pass this feedback onto our designers who are working on our new UI, and it would help immensely :) 


your updated website is terrible

Jaime DeVloo 9 лет назад 0

this website update makes it a lot more difficult to search for which netflix region, or streaming provider, is carrying a show. Now I have to click on individual episodes to discover where i can watch it? why would you change this to this clunky format? am i missing something here...

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Jacob Jones 11 лет назад обновлен Jared Johnson 9 лет назад 2

Since movie offerings are rather erratic on there, it'd be nice for search results for come up for it, and I know people would like to know all the TV offered.

Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад

HBO-Go is something we're looking at adding, it will require a fair bit of work - but we love a challenge. 

We're talking about it in our next meeting, and will decide whether to put it on the list :) 


I can't see whats playing on USA netflix... has something changed?

Marc Purdon 10 лет назад 0

Add Amazon Prime Instant Video

Brian Levinsky 9 лет назад 0

Suggestion: Make Userprofile with wish/watchlist

Mathias Vinther 11 лет назад обновлен Moreflicks Help 10 лет назад 1

Suggestion: Make Userprofile where you can make a wishlist and then get notified when it become available on the services you subscribe to. e.g. I use all Netflix services thus if Lord of the Rings become available I would like a notification like an email

Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад

Hello Mathias! 

The first half of your suggestion is something we're working on - and will be dropping at our next big update. 

The second half - I shall suggest to our devs and see what they can do :) 


Moreflicks needs an app

Scott Phelps 10 лет назад обновлен Tom van Doorn 10 лет назад 1
An app for all platforms would be great: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows RT.
This would be so helpful when deciding what to watch from what region when setting Netflix DNS.
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Sort by popularity

Andrew Clarke 11 лет назад обновлен Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад 0

Is there any way to sort search results by score? I see movies have rotten tomatoes and imdb rating, can you sort by that?

Moreflicks Help 11 лет назад

It's something we can certainly look at :) 

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