A website that allows you to search Hulu & Netflix to find what you want to watch, now. 


Carlos Corona Moreno 10 years ago 0
"The girl with the dragon tattoo" is available on Netflix Denmark and might be in other country, but here in the website is not updated. And I've found some other movies that are available in netflix and the web site says the oposite. Would be great if you update the info.

Search by language; and sort alphabetically

Amit Missra 10 years ago updated by Erwin Van Eygen 10 years ago 1
Searching by language would dramatically filter the results (as albeit you get to search all regions, you may want to look for a particular language).  Also, sorting the results alphabetically would help.


Michele Delgado 11 years ago updated by Moreflicks Help 11 years ago 0

I wouldn't want to push my luck given all you have given us so far :-) but would it be possible to show us which movies are also available on Amazon

Moreflicks Help 11 years ago

Hello Michele, 

Amazon is on our to-do list to implement. Thanks for stopping by, if you think of anything else be sure to let us know :) 


Remember Netflix / Hulu selection for search results

Borja Domínguez 12 years ago updated by Moreflicks Help 10 years ago 1

You need to save if we want to view results for Hulu, Netflix or both.

An example:

I search Modern family without Hulu selected and when I see the page it says that there is available season 4 on Hulu, I don't want to see that because I have unselected Hulu.

Also it could be useful a summary of the episodes available for each season. Example:

Season 1: 

Episodes 1-22 Netflix USA, Canada, etc...

So we don't have to click each episode to see it.


Moreflicks Help 12 years ago

Agreed that the summary would be a good thing, something that we'll talk to our UI guys about, thankyou for sharing. 


Now TV

Phil Kirby 11 years ago updated by Glaucus 10 years ago 1


It's possible to search this site without an account - is it possible to add it to your search engine.  It's a really great site for people in the UK as the content is quite new.



Netflix country list appears to be missing in the new site design.

Michael Prescott 9 years ago updated by Moreflicks Help 8 years ago 1

This blog has great potential

John Mollaghan 12 years ago 0
Let me be the first person to enter a Praise comment. This site is definitely filling a need, and it has great potential.

Unable to scroll through the countries drop-down list.

Noel 9 years ago 0
Hey Guys!

You've got an awesome website going on here, however in case you haven't noticed or haven't been made aware of, the countries dropdown list only display countries up to 14 or 15 countries i.e. upto Mexico or Netherlands and does not allow for scrolling.

Image 3

I have tested this for you in various browsers; Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and can tell you that this is not a browser issue. Considering that the last post on this forum related to this particular issue was raised about 4 months ago and that this issue has not yet been resolved, I assume that all your efforts are focussed on enhancing the site and its services.

In view of this, I have identified the issue and a solution for you and would really appreciate if you implement the below fix at the earliest.

Image 4

Although it does render a vertical scroll bar, you may have to test it in all browsers and play with the min-width and max-height to ensure that the dropdown as a whole is rendered so that it delivers an amazing user experience.

Looking forward to see the fix implemented. Do let me know if you have any queries.


A few useful links...

Frank Kelch 12 years ago updated by Moreflicks Help 11 years ago 0

A few useful links would be nice... maybe one that shows all of the IMDB's Top 250 movies that can be streamed on Netflix. Maybe another list that contains the top 50 grossing films for each of the last few years (again, at least the ones that can be found on Netflix). And maybe another list that shows all of the Academy Award winning movies (at least for Best Picture). It would make searching for movies much, much easier.

Moreflicks Help 11 years ago

Update - this has now been implemented :) 

Hey Frank, thanks for taking time out of your day to let us know what you think. Lists are something we have planned, we also think it would be an awesome idea.