A website that allows you to search Hulu & Netflix to find what you want to watch, now. 

Search doesn't work

Teo T. 10 year бұрын 0
Search doesn't work. Also links to individual content don't open. Same with Firefox and Chrome. Also I suggest a contact form.

Thrillers are inaccurate

mallorielg 11 year бұрын updated by Moreflicks Help 11 year бұрын 3

Neither Silence of the Lambs nor Seven are actually streaming on netflix although your site said they both were and I got super excited :(


Puss in Boots not listed

Frank Kelch 12 year бұрын updated by Moreflicks Help 12 year бұрын 1 1 duplicate

The Dreamworks movie "Puss in Boots" is available in Canada, but it's not currently listed on MoreFlicks.

Moreflicks Help 12 year бұрын

Now Fixed :)


When searching in "world" mode, when clicking into a movie/show, can you display what countries it is available in?

EddieY 10 year бұрын 0
It would be very useful when clicking into details of a show, to list countries it is available in.  It appears that you have all the data, just a matter of displaying it.   The reason this is useful is when recommending movies to friends, or when traveling,  I could at a quick glance know what country a particular show is available in, and on what service.   Contrast this to the current search, where you have to change countries back and forth to see availability.

Have director and actor names clickable in movie description

Worlock 12 year бұрын updated by Moreflicks Help 12 year бұрын 1

It would be great to have director and actor names clickable in the movie description so that when we click on them we get a list of related movies, like on Netflix.com.

Moreflicks Help 12 year бұрын

This feature is now live :)



Laurin Weidemann 11 year бұрын updated by Moreflicks Help 11 year бұрын 7

Searching for directors doesn't seem to work anymore. John carpenter only shows me movies with John in the title. 

It'd also be great to see the director of each movie in the short description in the browsing section, so you don't have to open the full description in another tab. 

Great site. You should think about making an android app. No such thing available yet and I'd pay for it. 

Moreflicks Help 11 year бұрын

Hi Laurin, thanks for letting us know. We'll go check it out. 

The new site is tablet/phone friendly but will pass your comments on about the app. :-)


why so few suggestions in a netflix list?

peter stock 9 year бұрын 0
i dont get it. why are the lists of suggested shows so short? i only get like 5-10 suggestions?

just an idea

nicole 10 year бұрын 0
I think it would be great if you could actually have section when you
can find movies that are only streaming in one page. For example, I only
have Netflix so it would be nice to only see what movies are streaming
online in Netflix (the same with itunes, hulu, etc., por other people).

I cant find the country list

Youtube User 9 year бұрын 0

Love the layout but I cannot find the countries option anymore. Doesn't that defeat the key purpose of this site!? At Least please explain how to use the site. Its kind of confusing.


New feature idea

awesome101101101111010 9 year бұрын 0
You all should add a randomizer tab so you can browse random different movies or TV shows if you don't know what you want to watch